The Best Pampers Size 2 Deal Right Now: $0.17/each! (20% cheaper than competitors)


Diapers are expensive. When you go through 10 a day, it starts adding up fast!

With 2 kids, I love optimizing for the cost per diaper. Based on our own experience, we prefer Pampers Little Swaddler for Size 1 and Size 2, and Huggies for Size 3 and up.

Deals come and go Here’s the best deal you can get right now anywhere for the Pampers Size 2: $0.17/each.

The strategy here is to triple stack the discounts Amazon provides:

  1. Save $20 off $100
  2. Subscribe and Save for 20% off Diapers
  3. Use Amazon prime credit card for 5% off.

The Pampers 148 count I found above is the best combination that I’ve found to get this stack #1 and #2.

Add “3” for Quantity for the Pampers size to qualify for BOTH the $20 off $100 and the S&S 20% discount.

Stacking #1 and #2, the price for the Pampers Swaddlers Size 2 drops from $0.27/each to just $0.17/each, a saving of 38%!

This compares to $0.21/each at Walmart and $0.21/each at Target, even stacking their $20 off $100.